Students develop new paths of understanding through a variety of initial connections with new experiences. Service is an integral component of holistic student development. For example, in the past I have served on the PARTNERs Advisory Committee and have facilitated a PARTNERs project with a local high school teacher: "The PARTNERs program offers local high school teachers and students the opportunity to share and utilize college resources such as faculty expertise, undergraduate perspectives, and technology to enhance learning experiences." I have also reached out to local elementary schools to give chemical demonstration shows.

On campus, I am the faculty advisor for the Sigma Chi Theta fraternity. Faculty are called to be active participants in all aspects of college life, including interacting with and advising service and social men's and women's organizations. Sigma Chi Theta strives to build community, serve Luther College and the wider community, and develop the skills and contacts necessary for the exemplification of the College's Mission Statement.

All students and prospective students should be made aware of the unique opportunities available at Luther.  Specifically, prospective students learn a great deal about Luther in a recruiting situation, and I am pleased to offer my services for these activities. In the past, I have engaged prospective students in conversation during Iowa Private College Week, and I have also participated in the traditional Luther July summer visit days. Recruiting is one of my favorite activities, and I enjoy the opportunity to meet prospective Luther students and encourage them to seriously consider the Luther experience.

PARTNERs, recruiting, and other like activities are vehicles by which a faculty person can model service-learning at Luther and beyond.