General Information: Advising is an integral part of the student experience at Luther College. Each student has a faculty advisor who gives aid and counsel in the selection of a course of study. The advisor is assigned during the summer before the first semester of enrollment. When an advisee has decided on a major, the advisee selects a new advisor in the major department. Each student arranges a course schedule in consultation with the advisor and is invited to counsel with the advisor on academic and related matters.

Dr. Mertzenich's advising philosophy: A good advisor must be a good conversationalist and must practice the art of listening. New paths of understanding are developed when a variety of course options are discussed and when student concerns and thoughts are expressed. I seek to discuss alternatives in a thoughtful, compassionate and understanding manner. I advise a wide range of students: chemistry majors; biology majors; multiple majors; undecided majors; pre-professional students; pre-pharmacy students; non-science majors; students ranging from freshman to senior; and others. Given this variety, each advisee of mine is treated as an individual with unique needs.

Finally, "What trait makes the best professional, chemist, manager, spouse, parent, or friend—the ability to communicate clearly. There is no substitute—this includes asking provocative questions, giving concise answers, and listening intently throughout. It is critically important for me to sense my audience always, in order to communicate cleanly and appropriately." —Margaret A. (Lissa) Dulany, Chemical Consultant and Writer, in "Successful Women in Chemistry" (ACS Symposium Series 907), copyright 2005, the American Chemical Society.

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