Course Topics

EDUC 332 The Middle School Learner

Focuses on the growth and development of the middle school aged student, specifically addressing emotional, physical, social, and cognitive developmental characteristics. A particular emphasis placed on how these factors relate to success in the school setting and how teachers accommodate the learning characteristics of the middle school student.

EDUC 352 Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary

Advanced study of secondary teaching methods for students seeking licensure in art, English, mathematics, science, and social science. Study of special methods used to teach the individual's major subject area. Teaching methods and professional participation in one's academic discipline will be covered, as well as inclusion of special education students in a regular classroom and applications of technology.

EDUC 329 Elementary Science Methods

This course is an introduction to the curriculum and pedagogy of a standards-based science program in the elementary school. This course includes hands-on opportunities with the activities that support the inquiry of science as practiced in the elementary school classroom.

EDUC 333 Middle School Methods

This course explores the cognitive and social development of early adolescents. The unique organization structures of middle schools are examined. Methods of teaching designed to meet the diverse needs of middle school students are emphasized.

EDUC 367 Advanced Teaching Methods II

Continued study of advanced teaching methods for students seeking licensure in English, K–12 world languages, mathematics, science, social science, and health/physical education with special emphasis on analysis of best practice, methodological research and curriculum design within the respective content area.