Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are graduating seniors eligible to apply?
    • One of the goals of the workshop is to help prepare students for high school math competitions like the HiMCM.  For this reason, we have a preference for students that will still be in high school following the completion of the workshop, but if we don't get enough applications from such students, we will consider applications from graduating seniors as well.
  • Are students that will be in 9th grade next fall eligible to apply?
    • Yes.  As long as a student has a good grasp of the mathematical concept of a function and catches on to mathematical concepts pretty easily, the workshop will be accessible and beneficial for them.
  • How do I apply for a scholarship to cover the $150 cost?
    • Simply fill out the second page of the standard application form.  (This page need not be filled out if you are not applying for a scholarship.)