Why Study Mathematics?

If you’re a problem solver and want to build your analytical skills, mathematics might be the right major for you. A solid understanding of math enables you to add value to many subjects like chemistry, physics, or biology that use statistical and quantitative reasoning.

Math majors also have excellent career opportunities. Some become engineers, computer programmers, statisticians, actuaries, math teachers, and business managers.

Why Study Math at Luther?

Luther’s math major is flexible and customizable which allows it to be easily paired with another major. The program also offers a wide range of upper-level electives that allow you to choose courses based on a planned career, including statistics, actuarial science, computation, management, and science. Small class sizes at Luther make it possible for math faculty to know you by name, provide you with personalized academic support, and engage you in learning.

Math majors at Luther also have the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research in conjunction with faculty. Students work alongside a math professor for eight weeks during the summer while learning to apply mathematics to other fields of study.

Luther’s math program offers a mathematics/statistics major. Mathematics/statistics is an ideal major for students looking to become actuaries. Luther’s math faculty includes a Ph.D. statistician that teaches the upper-level statistics courses. The first upper-level stats course prepares students for the actuarial exam and Luther’s mathematics/statistic graduates tend to do well.

Math graduates from Luther find jobs and success in their careers. Recent math major graduates have acquired positions at Google, IBM, Epic, Ernst and Young, Thrivent Financial, and others. The math program also has a high placement rate for student teachers.