Recent Grants

  • $11,400 - Iowa Economic Development Authority
    February 2014; Wrote grant for high-level economic feasibility study of landfill gas use at the Winneshiek County Area Landfill.
  • $978,200 - U.S. Treasury Department, Section 1603 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    January 2012; Researched and supervised grant awarded to Luther College Wind Energy Project, LLC for Luther's wind turbine project.
  • $225,000 - Iowa Office of Energy Independence
    Spring 2010; Co-authored successful funding request to support various energy efficiency and conservation projects on the Luther College campus.
  • $750,000 - U.S. Department of Energy, Wind and Hydro Program
    February 2010; Co-authored successful federal earmark request for congressional appropriations. Funds awarded to Luther College for its “Integrated Renewable Energy and Campus Sustainability Initiative.”
  • $500,000 - Grant and $1,302,000 Guaranteed Loan. USDA Rural Energy for America Program
    July 2009; Co-authored successful funding request from Luther College Wind Energy Project, LLC to support construction of a 1.6 MW wind turbine near the Luther campus.
  • $45,000 - Rocky Mountain Institute
    Summer 2009; Authored successful funding request for a campus greenhouse gas reduction initiative focused on energy conservation at Luther College.