Course Topics

ART 111 Foundations: 3-DIMENTIONAL Processes

This course covers concepts of form and spatial relations of 3-dimensional problem solving through a variety of projects aimed at gaining sensitivity in the composition, observation, and analysis of sculptural form.

ART 121 World Pottery

Geared primarily toward non-majors, this course will balance the basic mechanics of wheel thrown pottery with an exploration of global traditions and practices in functional ceramics. Offered alternate years.

ART 210 Ceramics I

This course is designed as survey of ceramic methods focusing on handbuilding processes, the basic mechanics of the potter's wheel, and a variety of surfacing and glazing techniques. Aspects of ceramic history and contemporary practices will also be explored. Assignments will focus on technical applications while engaging specific problems and ideas engendered in the material of clay and ceramic objects.

ART 310 Ceramics II

This course expands the vocabulary of ceramic materials and techniques. Processes and techniques will be directed in individual and group projects questioning design, function and the expanding potential of sculptural outcomes. Greater emphasis will be placed on developing individual ideas by directing the ceramic process to address concepts in contemporary art and ceramics. This course will also delve deeper into topics of ceramic history and contemporary ceramic practices questioning the role of ceramic objects and our relationships with and to them.

ART 311 Installation

This course is designed to encourage interdisciplinary practices in the creation of art installation through individual and collaborative investigations. Projects, readings and discussions will center around how materials, objects, and space inform and direct an installation experience.