Beth Lynch

Beth Lynch joined the Biology Department in 2001. She regularly teaches courses in Botany, Ecology, and the introductory biology course, Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity. During the J-term, she and Mark Eichinger teach Winter Biology (in the BWCA of northern Minnesota). In this interdisciplinary course students learn first-hand about the ecology of the southern boreal forests and the physiological mechanisms for survival in extreme cold conditions.

Lynch regularly teaches more informal directed readings courses and collaborative research projects with students.

Her research in plant ecology focuses on the paleoecology of fire-dominated ecosystems and on the conservation of native plant communities in northeastern Iowa.

She is actively engaged in land stewardship projects at Luther College, in Decorah city parks, state and county preserves, and at Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm. You can read more about her thoughts in Ecological Restoration: Making Space for the Wild.