Who can participate at the Showcase?
Any currently enrolled Luther College student.

What kind of research projects or works are accepted for the Showcase?
See the Things to Know Before you Apply page for examples.

Can I present ongoing research?
Yes. Posters, data stories, and talks can be presented at almost any stage of a research project. Presenting your work is an excellent way to get feedback on work “in-progress.” You are encouraged to discuss your research progress with your faculty mentor(s).

Can I present a project that I did last year?
Certainly, as long as it was work that was completed while you were enrolled as a Luther student.

Is the showcase competitive?
The showcase is inclusive. An application may be declined if the project is not an appropriate fit for the showcase, but we aim to accept as many applications as possible to provide each student the opportunity to share their work. The event offers an opportunity for students to come together to share and discuss their research with others in a supportive and respectful environment.

What is the application deadline?
The deadline to submit all applications to present at the 2022 Learning @ Luther Showcase is April 8th at 5pm. The requirements and application forms are available here.

May I present a project with my friends?
Yes, up to three people may present a project. If you are or have been working together on a class project or share an academic interest with friends with whom you can prepare a presentation. In the case of student organizations, it is likely that a group of students will together participate in a presentation.

Can I submit multiple applications to present?
Yes, you may submit multiple applications, but each must be for a unique project, the same project cannot be presented multiple times. An effort will be made to arrange the schedule so that you can make more than one presentation, but it is possible that only one of your presentation abstracts submitted will be accepted.  Preference will be given to students making only one presentation if the abstracts are judged equally meritorious.

Can I make changes to my title or abstract?
We can accommodate changes in titles and abstracts up until the application deadline. Requests for changes should be sent to [email protected].

How will I know if my application was accepted, and I qualify to present at the Learning @ Luther Showcase?
Your application will be read by the committee. You will be contacted directly if there are questions or minor edits are necessary.
You will receive a decision email notifying you about your presentation. We expect to notify applicants of our decision by mid-April.

How do I print a poster to display at the poster session?
Before submitting an abstract for a poster presentation, discuss the process and costs for printing a poster with your faculty mentor.

Who can attend the showcase?
The showcase may be open to the public (depending on current campus COVID-19 indicator status). Feel free to invite family and mentors to view your presentation.

Will the sessions be live-streamed or recorded?
No, the sessions will not be live-streamed or recorded.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?
Email your questions to [email protected].