Board Members

Katie Dunn


  • Office: Iowa City, IA

My favorite part of the Luther Nursing Program is the opportunities that are made available to us. Through the junior year spent at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, various clinical opportunities, and the opportunities to study abroad we are able to expand our nursing education further which helps to set us up for success in our nursing future. We also have a strong support system throughout this program between the faculty, students, and alumni that is another highlight of the program. Outside of LSNA, I am a part of the Women's Basketball team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Dance Marathon.

Samantha Snyder

Vice President

  • Office: Waverly, IA

I am grateful for the opportunities and community that the Luther Nursing program fosters. Luther Student Nurses Association (LSNA) has helped me build connections with other nursing students, faculty, and nursing-related resources outside of Luther. I am excited to serve as the Vice President and to promote LSNA for all Luther nursing students. In addition to LSNA, I have been a part of the Dance Scholarship program, Dance Marathon, and I work at Sunnyside Café on campus. In my free time, I enjoy frequenting local coffee shops and participating in outdoor recreation when the weather is nice.

Anna Ziniel


  • Office: Iowa City, IA

When choosing a college to attend, the Luther College nursing program's reputation is what drew me in. Throughout the past three years, I have been able to build countless relationships with nursing students and faculty while gaining a variety of clinical experiences in Decorah and Rochester. These opportunities have provided me with a strong sense of community, happiness, confidence, and passion for my future in nursing. I am looking forward to being part of a student organization that connects all nursing students, first-years to seniors, and provides the opportunity to enhance educational and professional careers. In addition to LSNA, I am a part of Luther College Dance Marathon, the women's soccer team, and I work in Regents on campus. In my free time, I enjoy hiking different trails throughout Decorah, baking, and exploring different coffee shops.

Katy Bellamy

Membership Director

  • Office: Mt Vernon, IA

The last three years in the Luther College nursing program have prepared me more for the future than I could have ever hoped. I fully became aware of my good fortune junior year at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I realized then the worth of knowledge that I had retained and how helpful said knowledge was during every minute of every hour of every day. I am beyond thankful for this program and for everything that I have been taught. LSNA has been a way for me to connect with fellow nursing students and share my knowledge. This is my first year as a board member and I am very excited to begin recruiting first-year students as well as nursing students who may have been at Luther for years but are not yet LSNA members! I am looking to grow LSNA and keep it going as a major organization on Luther’s campus.

Kaylee Smidt

Public Relations

  • Office: Stewartville, MN

My favorite part about the Luther nursing program is how interactive it is. There are so many opportunities to grow and experiences to learn from. The nursing faculty help to maximize our learning experiences and make the most out of our time in the program. There are so many resources in place to make being a nursing student a fun experience. With that being said, I am so excited to serve as the Public Relations Director! Outside of nursing, you can find me outside, at a coffee shop, or spending time with my family and puppy. 

Abbie Ostrum

Breakthrough to Nursing

  • Office: Rosemount, MN
Luther College's nursing program has so many opportunities, and I think that is one of the main things that drew me to this amazing program! The support system of faculty, students and the community is so wonderful and I know that Luther is going to provide me the best shot in the nursing world. I know that these connections that I make through my next few years here are ones that I will hold close, and I'm so excited to start this journey with my peers! In addition to LSNA, I am also a part of Luther's wonderful band program! I love making music, and while that looks different during Covid, I am grateful for every opportunity I get with that group. I also work part-time at the local humane society in Decorah, where I get to spend most of my time hanging out with the dogs and cats. Back at home, I work as a CNA at my local nursing home and help plan activities for the residents. 

Paige Zaruba

Disaster Relief

  • Office: Mt Vernon, IA

I am so grateful to be a board member for the Luther College Student Nurses Association this year, serving as the disaster relief chair! LSNA is a great opportunity for students to get involved on campus. As a junior student experiencing clinical at Mayo Clinic in Rochester this year, I am so lucky to still be a part of such a great program on campus all while having these great opportunities to learn! Outside of LSNA, I also participate in PALS and Dance Marathon on campus! In my free time, I love staying active, hiking, and cooking. I can't wait to see what we accomplish as a group this year and the impact we will have on the Luther community!

Esther Choo

Legislative and Educational Director

  • Office: Parker, CO

I have so much love and pride for the nursing program here at Luther College! Through this program, I have been given amazing opportunities to grow and learn about the nursing profession and who I want to be as an up-and-coming nurse. That being said, I am extremely honored and excited to extend my gratitude for this program through my service as the Legislative and Educational Director of LSNA. Outside of nursing, you might spot me working in the Luther Archives, doing some service projects with Alpha Phi Omega, studying in a coffee shop, or wilding out with an outdoor activity!

Sarah Retz


  • Office: Sheffield, IA

The nursing program at Luther College has provided me with many experiences that have allowed me to grow, not only as a nurse but also as a person. I have had the opportunity to meet patients and nurses from all different backgrounds. Even though we had to learn online for a while due to COVID-19, the professors have done their absolute best to prepare us for the NCLEX and practice. I am very grateful for my education at Luther. LSNA has brought in many guest speakers that have introduced me to different possibilities in nursing. I hope to work in emergency medicine after graduation. Outside of LSNA, I am involved in Collegiate Chorale and voice lessons! I am so excited to be the fundraising chair this year!

Shelby Cassidy

Nominations and Elections Director

  • Office: Aurora, IL

I have loved my time spent here at Luther and that would not be true without the nursing department. The community the nursing department has provided will have me leaving Luther with a sense of what kind of nurse I want to be because of all the opportunities the department has given to me. LSNA is a great way to be connected with nursing students of other ages and to provide mentorship. On-campus, I am involved in Symphonic Band and I am the captain of the Cheer team! I look forward to seeing all the new faces at our meetings!