Board Members

Kiersten Baalson


  • Office: Clear Lake, IA

I have appreciated being a part of the Nursing Program because of the strong relationships and sense of community that it has provided me. It has been very beneficial to have experiences in a variety of settings in both Decorah and Rochester, providing me with a rich background with which to enter the field. Luther College Nursing has allowed me to expand my love for learning in many ways. Outside of Nursing and LSNA, I tutor for the CAE and am involved in Collegiate Choir and Varsity Band. I also enjoy spending time in the Decorah community, especially frequenting the local coffee shops.

Tracy Lansing

Vice President

  • Office: Marion, IA
I am excited to serve as the Vice President for LSNA this year alongside such a great group of board members! Over my four years at Luther, LSNA has been a great way to connect with nursing students in other classes.  This group lays the foundation for a wonderful support network of peers and mentors to help each other through the challenging time that is nursing school. I am hopeful that as a senior, I can give back by offering my support to the younger classes of nursing students here at Luther. In addition to LSNA, I am also a member of Collegiate Chorale, I am a freelance pianist, and I have a part-time job at a local daycare. In my free time, I also love biking and hiking when the weather permits.

Carolyn Wrightsman


  • Office: Stillwater, MN
Luther Nursing Program fosters a great sense of community, support, and relationships with peers. Personally, LSNA has been an additional outlet where I can develop deeper connections with fellow nursing students from all stages of the program, first-years to seniors. I am so happy to be apart of a student organization that offers as much support for each other's educational and professional careers as LSNA does for Luther nursing students. In addition to LSNA, I am on the executive board for ECO. I am also apart of Endeavor Together and Tau Delta Gamma. I enjoy spending a lot of my free time camping, hiking, and enjoying nature as well as cooking, exercising, exploring Decorah, and traveling. Developing connections with the people and natural areas surrounding me is a very important part of my life. 

Samantha Snyder

Public Relations Director

  • Office: Waverly, IA

I am grateful for the opportunities and community that the Luther Nursing program fosters. Luther Student Nurses Association (LSNA) has helped me build connections with other nursing students, faculty, and nursing-related resources outside of Luther. I am happy to serve as the Public Relations Director to promote LSNA for all Luther nursing students. In addition to LSNA, I have been a part of the Dance Scholarship program, Dance Marathon, and I work at Sunnyside Café on campus. In my free time, I enjoy frequenting local coffee shops and participating in outdoor recreation when the weather is nice.

Maria Sorensen

Legislative and Educational Director

  • Office: Minneapolis, MN

My favorite part about the Luther College nursing program is how it has prepared me for what is to come. The professors here give us so many opportunities and experiences that have helped me see what nursing looks like across many fields. I’m grateful for them, the relationships they make with us, and the commitment they have to train us to be safe, competent, and compassionate nurses for all of our future patients. Other activities I am involved in on campus are being a lab assistant for the Nursing Department. When it’s not nursing 24/7, you can find me babysitting, getting outside, thrift shopping, and drinking lots of coffee.

Shakira Herrera

Membership Director

  • Office: Marshalltown, IA
Being raised in such a small town really allowed me to connect with the Marshalltown community and learn more about my peers. In doing so, I knew I wanted to go to a smaller college so I could do the same there. Choosing Luther College was one of the best decisions I made because of the connections I have built and continue to build, especially because of the nursing program. Being able to provide care to the community of Decorah and eventually Rochester so fulfilling and rewarding. I'm excited to further pursue my love for nursing by being the Membership Director on the LSNA executive board! Outside of LSNA, I am on the Luther Swimming and Diving Team! I love to swim, especially with a team that I can call my second family. I also love to bake! It's one of my favorite things to do to pass time.

Katie Dunn

Nominations and Elections Director

  • Office: Iowa City, IA

My favorite part of the Luther Nursing Program is the opportunities that are made available to us. Through the junior year spent at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, various clinical opportunities, and the opportunities to study abroad we are able to expand our nursing education further which helps to set us up for success in our nursing future. We also have a strong support system throughout this program between the faculty, students, and alumni that is another highlight of the program. Outside of LSNA, I am a part of the Women's Basketball team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Dance Marathon.

Souksakhone Sengsaisouk


  • Office: Lakhonepheng Village, Lakhonepheng District, Saravanh Province, Lao PDR

Great opportunities, resources, and support provided by the Luther Nursing Department have prepared me as a future nurse. The Luther Nursing Program promotes both my academic and personal growth. Its learning environments, both in simulation and a real healthcare setting, have prepared me for what is to come. LSNA gives an incredible opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills, contribute to improving community health, and build connections among community members. Besides LSNA, I am a coordinator of the farm of Centre for Sustainable Community, THD technician, and designing and managing the “Peace Input” project in Lao PDR for the summer of 2021. I enjoy hiking, biking, and cooking. 

Abbie Ostrum

Breakthrough to Nursing

  • Office: Rosemount, MN
Luther College's nursing program has so many opportunities, and I think that is one of the main things that drew me to this amazing program! The support system of faculty, students and the community is so wonderful and I know that Luther is going to provide me the best shot in the nursing world. I know that these connections that I make through my next few years here are ones that I will hold close, and I'm so excited to start this journey with my peers! In addition to LSNA, I am also a part of Luther's wonderful band program! I love making music, and while that looks different during Covid, I am grateful for every opportunity I get with that group. I also work part-time at the local humane society in Decorah, where I get to spend most of my time hanging out with the dogs and cats. Back at home, I work as a CNA at my local nursing home and help plan activities for the residents. 

Nora Homolka

Disaster Relief Chair

  • Office: Jacksonville, IL
Being a Luther nurse is such an honor. Luther College has given me so many great opportunities to grow and explore the medical profession. Through Luther, I was able to do a nursing internship in Roatan Honduras at a medical clinic and made house calls to the surrounding communities. Along with spending a whole year studying and doing clinical rotations at The Mayo Clinic, Luther’s nursing community works hard to create a community of learning and advancement. LSNA helps connect nursing students in all parts of their journey to provide a community and support system. My personal favorite part of LSNA is listening to guest speakers from all areas of the nursing profession. When I am not studying, I love to be outside hiking and canoeing down the Upper Iowa River. When I am not on campus you can likely find me at the Co.op. or sipping a lavender fog exploring downtown with my friends. Besides LSNA, I am in SAC, ECO, and the Health Science Club. I also love being a leader in the Endeavor Together immersive pre-orientation program leading first years camping and canoes across the driftless area. Luther, Decorah, and The Mayo Clinic communities are so supportive and provide such unique learning opportunities you can not get anywhere else. 

Hailey Roberge

Fundraising Chair

  • Office: Randolph, MN
When I came to Luther, I knew I was going to have some crazy good opportunities, LSNA being one of them.  I am so excited to be acting as the Fundraising Chair this year!!  I am excited to see what we come up with this semester to get to know our cohort, learn, and raise money for this program!  This program has helped me come out of my shell and meet more people than just who my friends were.  It has allowed me to experience more, and gain knowledge of topics I hadn't even thought about.  LSNA is valuable in helping me gain confidence, integrity, and connections that will ultimately help me grow as a student, and as a future nurse after I graduate. Other than LSNA, I work off-campus at Kwik Star and nanny for a few families in Decorah and Calmar.  I hope that one day I can work with kids or families.  But who knows what my future has in store for me.  Besides that, I enjoy reading, going for walks, biking, cooking, and hanging out with friends.