• Rochester Semester

Rochester Semester 2020

Rochester Semester is a new study away program designed to allow students of all majors to engage in high-impact career-centered learning in Rochester, Minn. As the city embarks on an economic development initiative of a scale unique in the state’s history, Luther students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in conversations around place, space, and community as they witness the transformations. Coursework includes a 10-20+ hour/week internship; Paideia 450: The Mutable City; and Eng (300 level) Writing in Community: Rochester.



View from our kitchen.

What Is ROTH?

ROTH was my home for three months. Now that the semester is coming to an end, I know that living in ROTH was a unique part of the Rochester Semester experience that I would surely miss.

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Analyzing data during my internship.

Internship Brings Change and Learning

Although my internship ended up not being what I originally expected, I’m very thankful for everything I learned. I’m also grateful for Mayo being so flexible and allowing me to continue to work for them during the pandemic.

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Café Steam on North Broadway.

Memories and Experiences From Rochester Semester

Working at an internship in the Rochester area and getting relevant career experience is a great opportunity within itself, but I would encourage you all to make the most of your time here with friends, as it’s one of the aspects of the Rochester Semester I miss the most.

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From our visit at the Cameo at the Castle.

A Walk Around Rochester

I guess you have read lots of stories about the quarantine. So today we will take a break from quarantine stories and enjoy my Rochester food diary.

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Hanging out with my dog and contemplating life questions.

Design Thinking

There have been a lot of changes for me since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Due to the pandemic, my internship in the PKD Center at Mayo Clinic was cut short.

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My original work of running experiments in the lab.

The Silver Lining of COVID-19

March 16th was the last time I stepped foot in the Mayo Clinic labs. At the time, I did not know it would be my final day in the Guggenheim building, but perhaps that was for the best.

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Going on a hike at a nature reserve.

The New Normal

It’s been two months into quarantine and I am still not that adjusted to this new normal, but I don’t think I’m alone in this boat.

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Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall

Mayo Clinic - First Impressions

The first few weeks were full of orientations, trainings, mentor and supervisor meetings, and project discussions. I got acquainted with some of the internal processes at Mayo, the general employee workflow, and my workflow as a research and development intern.

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Cooking with friends

New Perspectives

Since beginning this spring semester in Rochester, I have gained a new perspective on the city I thought I knew. Being from Winona, MN, a city about 45 minutes away, I am very familiar with Rochester.

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My name badge.

When It All Clicks

I remember submitting my application for the Rochester Semester last spring, and specifically asking to work at Mayo’s Development Shared Services, the IT branch that develops custom software applications for different departments at Mayo. And now, I am at that very place, working on real-world software projects, and learning the best practices in the software development field.

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