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Luther's Nottingham Program, which will be in its 46th year in 2017-2018, offers the rich opportunity to spend an academic year in England and study at the University of Nottingham. During this program, students live together, take courses together, and participate in a community service project of their choosing. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Year website.

Hello! Your Nottingham Bloggers here!

We ended our month of travels at Edinburgh and then a few stops along the way home.

We spent two days in Edinburgh and then travelled down to Alnwick, Lindenfarne, and then spent one night at Hadrian Wall.

Most of the members of the flat had been to Edinburgh on their our independent travel, but it seemed like we all had a good time there together! Once everyone was there we walked up Arthur's seat, which was a nice 40 minute walk up a good hill. It gave a great view over the city and the sea.  We ended our night at a great curry place and then Dan Jury, a Luther Alum showed us around the city.

Our next day was more of an educational one, we spent a lot of the day in the numerous museums that Edinburg has to offer!  All of us started off at the Castle. We had to walk up the royal mile to get up to the castle on a hill. At this castle we go to see the Crown Jewels of Scotland and the Seat of Destiny. This is a rock that almost all Scottish Royalty has been crowned on an many of the more recent British Royalty as well. Then many of us went to the National Museum of Scotland, where we got to see Dolly the Sheep! And finally we went to Holyrood Palace, which was the home to many Scottish royals, including Queen Mary of Scots. A few of us also got the chance to peek into Scottish Parliament and watch some of the debate they were having about drugs in Scotland. The rest of the day we all spent in little groups wandering the city, seeing a couple more shops and big spots.

The next morning, after a cancelled train we head off towards Lindisfarne. When the tide is out at this island a road appears allowing you to drive out to the island! We visited the castle here and then spent some time on the shores seal watching. We were able to see over 100 seals that were lounging on the shore just across the way. Out trip here was cut short due to a minor accident on the beach, but that just pushed us along to our next stop, Alnwick. We visited the old book store here and took a little tour around the area from Dan Jury. Our stop here was brief, but most of us loved this little city.

Our last and final stop was at Hadrian’s wall. We got here fairly late, so we didn’t explore the area the first night, but we did play a great game of monopoly! The next morning we got up early and headed out to walk along the wall. Luckily, we have our own Roman expert, Steven Holkesvik, who was able to tell us a lot about the wall, what each structure were, the history around the wall and other relevant Roman facts. It was a beautiful day for a walk and it gave us all a chance to catch up and talk to each other about our spring holiday. After walking around there and a quick visit to a Roman archeology site, we headed home for some much needed rest.

We are all in the home stretch for school here and we only have one more group travel! Stay tuned for the lake district!  


Libby and Kelli

From atop of Arthur's seat
At the top of Arthur's chair
Top of Arthur's chair... Steven being Steven
At the end of our walk!
The Scottish Parliment
Our Brief stop in Alnwick, (this is where they filmed parts of Harry Potter!
Group photo including an honorary member of our group Dan Jury
Our lookout point from Lindesfarn Castle for watching Seals
In the ruins of the Abbey at Holyrood