Scootin around Scotland

Luther's Nottingham Program, which will be in its 46th year in 2017-2018, offers the rich opportunity to spend an academic year in England and study at the University of Nottingham. During this program, students live together, take courses together, and participate in a community service project of their choosing. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Year website.

During spring break I got to spend about a week exploring some of Scotland’s best cities. When we got back, we were thrown into a couple crazy weeks at campus, which is why this is coming to you a little bit late in the game!

But I had a great time in Scotland nonetheless! I visited 3 cities as part of my independent travels. First I was in Isle of Skye with Karl. Then I traveled to Inverness and Glasgow with Britta!

Isle of skye was quite a beautiful to spend time in. We went up to the city of Portree, which is one of he biggest cities in Skye, and it was very small. We had about 2 ½ days here and we definitely made the most of it! Our first day we traveled up to hike the Old Man Storr. We hiked up to the rock and then around the surround area a bit after that! Our next day we spent hiking the Quiraing, which was another great hiking area.  We have much better weather our second day there! Both of these hikes had stunning views at every high we went up!

After Skye, Karl had to head back to begin his finals weeks and so I met up with a fellow Nottinghammer, Britta, in Inverness. We only spent about 1 ½ days in inverness, it is a beautiful town, but very small and a day was all we needed. But the day we sent was great! We got up fairly early to go on a dolphin watch. We rode out on a little Skipper with our captain named George. We only got to see one dolphin on the trip but our captain had so many great stories to tell about his life at sea. We spent the rest of our day walking around the little islands of Inverness and exploring the little shops before we headed off to Glasgow.

Glasgow is a little bit of a bigger town, so that gave a little more to do. The main thing we did was hiking out and around the Bonnie Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. We wanted to go hike up Ben Lomond, but the ferries that would have taken us to the base of the mountain weren’t open for the season yet, so we just hiked around the woodsy areas at the beggining of the Lake. We ended up getting a little lost, a little wet, but we both loved every moment of the journey there. After our time in Glasgow we headed to meet up with the rest of our flat in Edinburgh, which was also in Scotland, but I will save that for the next post!



The old Man Storr
One of the many views up in the Quiraing
On our way up to Isle of Skye, our bus took a quick break and gave us a small preview of what was to come!
Karl and I climbed up to the Old Man Storr, but here is a picture of him next to it for reference of how big the rock is!
More from the Quiraing
Stopping for a snack and more great views.
Dolphin watching with George
Walking around in the nature reserve of Loch Lomond
We went walking just after it rained a bunch, needless to say there were a lot of big puddle that we encountered.
On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond