Oh Milan-ta

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Buongiorno! Libby here!

I had a quick trip to Milan, Italy (because it was one of the few places to which planes out of Palma fly)!

I only had about 36 hours here, but I made the most of my time. I started my morning touring around an old fortress in the outer city. It had been transformed into a art museum, so I wandered through the free section (I didn’t want to pay the fee to go in). I started my venture into town by heading towards the city center to go see a couple of churches. I visited quite a few there, but I will just talk a little about my favorites!

On the way to the churches I stumbled upon the “Wall of Dolls”, which is an art piece that was created to make a statement against femicide. It was put up in 2014 and has continually been added to over the years.

The first church I visited was the Sanctuary of St. Bernadinos. This was an especially unique church because, after the plague swept through Italy, they ran out of places to bury the dead. They began to store their bones in this church and eventually made it into a decoration of sorts.

The next church that I went to was the main cathedral of Milan. It is called the Duomo Cathedral. This cathedral was huge. I started my tour of this cathedral first by climbing the stairs to the roof of the cathedral, which gave a great view of the city. After looking around from the top, I went into the cathedral. The stained glass windows here illuminated the Cathedral beautifully.

I spent a little time around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which was the first ever shopping center of this type built in the 1800s. Everything there was a bit out of my budget, so I got some gelato and enjoyed that instead.

That about concluded my time in Italy. I enjoyed my time there and was ready to move on to the next adventure — Budapest!

Stay tuned!


The Wall of Dolls that I found in the streets of Milan!
The church where the used the bones of the dead to decorate the walls.
The Duomo Cathedral
The gelato that I got-o in the Oldest shopping mall!