Getting Giddy in Gibraltar

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Hi Again! Libby here!

Spring break is in full swing and everyone in the flat is off traveling! For me, my first stop was the little British territory of Gibraltar! (The one referenced in the jazz classic “Our Love is Here to Stay”.) I was here with Karl again, and this was just a quick stop on our trip to Morocco, but there was so much to see here! We got to Gibraltar early Saturday morning and then, after dropping our stuff off at the B&B, we headed toward the Rock of Gibraltar. We ended up walking across the entire territory of Gibraltar (which is pretty fun to say). During our walk across the Rock, we got to see a few cool things!

First, we got to cross a suspension bridge, much like the one we did not get to cross in Belfast (see the last post, “Blown away by Belfast”). After crossing, we continued further into the Rock and came across an ape den, where there were lots of local monkeys that would just casually walk right next to you!

After a bit more walking, we got to see an old Moorish castle briefly, some pretty views of the coastline (you could see Spain and Morocco from the Rock!), and then we headed into town for dinner. Afterwards, we went back to our B&B for some sleep!

We were only staying in Gibraltar for a day because it was much cheaper to fly into Gibraltar and take the ferry to Morocco, so that was all that we had time for while there. The next morning, we had to get up pretty early to walk to Spain in order to catch a bus to our ferry to Morocco. That post will come very soon!

Stay tuned!


The plane we flew in on right in front of part of the Rock.
Karl and I on the Suspention bridge!
Our encounter with the wild monkeys!
We could see Africa from the top!