Making my way in Malvern

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Hello! Libby here!

Last weekend I travelled to a little corner of England called Malvern Hills of Outstanding Beauty. I travelled to the area because I had heard about the great areas there to go hiking.

Karl and I got there Friday evening and checked into our B&B. Then, bright and early the next morning we set off for our 10-mile hike. The trail that we hiked was a non-circular trail, so we took a taxi to the beginning of the trail and set off from there! During our hike we walked up and down about 12 hills. Unfortunately, the weather was a little cold and rainy, but we kept on anyways. The walk ended at Worcestershire Beacon, which was the tallest hill in the area at about 1395 feet tall. When we got to the top, it had started to get dark and foggy so we were unable to see very far, but we still had a nice city view and the feeling of accomplishment. We headed back down to the local Nag’s Head for dinner and then back to our B&B.

Sunday morning, of course, was absolutely beautiful and sunny. Karl and I decided that, since Worcestershire Beacon was only about a mile and a half away, we decided to hike back up to get a better view than the day previous. The view was breathtaking. You could see for miles. One thing that both of us agreed on is how wonderful the hiking culture (or what they call walking) is in England. In our trip back up the Beacon, we must have seen nearly 100 people. Everyone was out with friends, family, and dogs enjoying the beautiful day and the gift nature put in their backyard. This is something that I will definitely miss when I come back to the States!

Thanks for reading!


When we had a little sun peak out!
View from Worcestershire Beacon and the disc on top
We hiked through an area called Castle Morton! Couldn't find my family's castle, though.
The view of Worcestershire beacon on Sunday Morning
Bigfoot print maybe?