To The Stones!

Luther's Nottingham Program, which will be in its 46th year in 2017-2018, offers the rich opportunity to spend an academic year in England and study at the University of Nottingham. During this program, students live together, take courses together, and participate in a community service project of their choosing. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Year website.

Our first group trip has come to an end! As part of the Nottingham Program, we take a class called Exploring Great Britain, and we do just that: explore!

Our first trip took us to some of England’s most famous ancient sites. Our first stop was a visit to Stonehenge. We learned about the construction, archeology, and mysteries of the henge before taking a short walk to view the henge itself. It was interesting to see the masses of different cultures that all flocked to this amazing monument. At any point you could hear multiple different languages and it just went to show how worldly and well known this place was! People from all parts of the world come to see the henge!

We spent our second day the proper British way: by going for a walk, enjoying cream tea, and visiting a pub. British people love to take walks (and by walks, they mean three mile hikes). We visited Exmoor National Park and took a lovely walk out to the coast. To make things even more British, we were caught in a storm and got soaked! After a lunch of creamed tea, we set out on a second walk to a pub. It was a very British day!

On our third day we encountered some unexpected complications: a pheasant flew into our bus and shattered the windshield! Despite the delay, we still made it to Bath where we were broke into small groups and explored the city. Some of the highlights included Bath Abbey, Parade Park, the Royal Crescent, and the grandeur of the town of Bath! When we did get the occasional sunny spell, the buildings would glimmer in a spectacular way.

We finished off our trip by touring the Roman Baths. We took our time learning about the architecture, history, and religious aspects of the baths. At the end we sampled the spa water, and we all agreed it was not good. We’re hoping the healing powers kick in though!

We are preparing to set off on our next adventure to York. Stay tuned to hear about our trip to the York wall, Fountain Abbey, and a few other stops along the way of York!


Kelli and Libby


2017-2018 Nott Students at Stonehenge!
Nott 2017-2018 Students at Stonehenge
The 2017-2018 posing on top of a hill after a walk (3 mile hike) up.
The 2017-2018 Nott group in front of Stonehenge.