"Where Art Thou Nursing Students??"

The Nottingham Summer Nursing Program is a study away opportunity that allows nursing students to immerse themselves in another culture. The course focuses on levels of prevention and the use of the nursing process to promote, maintain and protect the health of individuals, groups and communities. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Summer Nursing Program website.


Good morrow blog followers! The Norse Nurses had another exciting adventure this weekend as we ventured to Eyam, Warwick Castle, and Stratford Upon Avon.

In Eyam, we learned about the plague striking this town in the late 1600's that forced villagers to quarantine themselves in an attempt to prevent the disease from spreading to nearby towns. This paired nicely with the play we read called A Year of Wonders. We started by the church where many of the plague victims were buried as we pictured what life was like in that epidemic chaos. Next we took in the history of the plague at the  Eyam Museum. We ended the tour by going to one of the original wells on the outskirts of town near a boundary stone where food and payment could be left from neighboring towns for the villagers inside the quarantine.      

Our next stop was at the Medieval Warwick Castle that was originally built by William the Conqueror. Among the many Medieval activities, we toured the castle, took in the breathtaking grounds, and watched an exciting jousting match.  

Upon arriving in Stratford, we were greeted warmly by our airBnB hosts who had a fancy British dinner waiting for us. Afterwards, we made our way to a modern day performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet in Shakespeare’s Royal Theatre. The following day, we had free time in Stratford where some of us went to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage-no this is not the actress Anne Hathaway- and Shakespeare’s Birthplace. The weather was gorgeous so we took advantage of the waterside food and craft market in town! There we were entertained by musicians along the water while many of us glided on the Avon in rowboats. We also wandered around the market tents looking at souvenirs and English culture.

That’s it for now as we bid you all adieu!

Norse Nurses attended modern day performance of Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Royal Theatre
Front view of Eyam Church where victims of the Plague are laid to rest.
Graveyard behind the church where more victims were buried