"Attention All Passengers... Prepare For Landing"!

The Nottingham Summer Nursing Program is a study away opportunity that allows nursing students to immerse themselves in another culture. The course focuses on levels of prevention and the use of the nursing process to promote, maintain and protect the health of individuals, groups and communities. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Summer Nursing Program website.


It was a long and exciting day for us 12 nursing students. Many of us traveled from the Midwest to the United Kingdom, with our  adventures beginning around mid-day on the 4th of July. After tackling many flight delays, border control waiting lines, and customs secuirty everyone had safely arrived to our designated meeting spot in London by noon on July 5th. Our journey continued with a bus ride from London to our final destination in Nottingham! During the drive we quickly became accostomed to the british culture- taking in the accents, terminology, driving on the opposite side of the road, along with the business of travel during rush hour. We arrived to the flat by 6:00pm, and began settling in for a late dinner and tour of the neighborhood. 

Everyone is excited to hit the ground running in the morning, as we prep for class and clinical work! More news to come regarding plans for the remainder of the week... but,  before we get into all that Britta and I would like to introduce ourselves to help you get to know your bloggers better for the remainder of our abroad experience. 

Britta is a senior nursing student from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and an avid tennis player on the Luther College Women's Tennis team. She is a Tau Delta Gamma member, and an active participant in our Luther Student Nursing Association. In her spare time Britta likes to practice with her teamates, play board/card games, spend time with family and friends, and travel to new places. 

Olivia Doherty is a senior nursing student from Urbandale, Iowa and planning to pursue a position within the pediatric field of Nursing after college. As of right now her hope is to work her way up to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit position in Des Moines to stay close to her family. She is also an active participant in Luther's Student Nurses Association. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys spending time with friends, reading novels, or playing a round of golf. 

Britta and I look forward to sharing all of our stories and expereinces with you throughout the rest of the month! See you soon! 

Britta Pressler (seen on the left) and Olivia Doherty (seen on the right) after a very long day of traveling!