"Dipping our toes" into clinical

The Nottingham Summer Nursing Program is a study away opportunity that allows nursing students to immerse themselves in another culture. The course focuses on levels of prevention and the use of the nursing process to promote, maintain and protect the health of individuals, groups and communities. To learn more about the program, visit the Nottingham Summer Nursing Program website.


Clinical updates! We have officially completed our first week of clinical experiences at a variety of public health locations in the Nottingham area. We are all so thankful for the experiences and opportunities we had this week and are truly amazed with the differences that exist between the healthcare systems. We are so excited to share some of our stories with you! 

Here are perspectives from Molly Hilgart and David Stagg on how their first week of clinical went:

Molly Hilgart described her first of week clinical experience as "a unique and humbling oppurtunity in which I was surrounded by the most kind and caring nurses. They made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I entered clinical and always included me throughout the days' work. I loved going into the patient's home throughout the community. It gave the sense of privacy and comfort that cannot be given in the hospital setting. Overall, I learned a lot about public health nursing and am excited to take back my information to see what we, in the U.S., can do to improve our Public Health Services, to better enhance our patients' health outcomes."

David Stagg described his first week of clinical experience by saying: "For my first week of clinical here in Nottingham, I had the opportunity to work with the incredible staff at St. Ann's on the Eastern end of the city. I spent my three day stint traveling door to door with one of the district nurses taking care of patients in their homes. Seeing the passion and committment with which my nurse approached each patient was a good reminder of what it truly means to be a nurse. In a setting as vulnerable and intimate as a person's home, my nurse made every effort to accomodate her care to make sure the patient was as comfortable as possible. I learned a lot about the British system of healthcare and had lengthy informative discourse with my nurse that opened my eyes even further to the differences between the NHS (the UK's healthcare system) and the system of healthcare we have in place in the United States. Not only did I learn lots in regards to nursing, the staff at St. Ann's made sure I didn't leave until I was able to properly brew a "cuppa" English breakfast tea. If the remainder of my clinical experiences in Nottingham are anything like my first week, I'm definitely in for a treat."

Along with clinical experiences, we also had the opportunity to enjoy our first night of trivia at a local pub called "The Lion" and I am so thrilled to announce we did NOT get last place! We proved we aren't the best at British culture, but also not the worst. 

Thanks for tuning into our blog this week and we look forward to sharing our weekend travel to Eyam and Stratford-upon-Avon with you next week! 

This is the Mary Potter Center where Megan Jelinski had her clinical experiences this week. A few of the nurses who work at Mary Potter visited Luther College and Mayo Clinic back in 2015.
Megan Jelinski with some of the nurses she worked with at the Mary Potter Center
David Stagg with the nurses he worked with at St. Ann's
A picture of Southglade Health Center where Emma Kolterman went for her clinical experiences this week
Allison Swiggum with nursing friends from Nottingham University that she met at clinical this past week
The group in front of Lion's Pub on Wednesday night before having our first trivia experience