Cruising Around Malta

Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean Program, currently in its 26th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Malta's rich history and traveling to other countries in the Mediterranean region. Coursework includes Paideia II: Ethical Issues in the Mediterranean, a Service Learning class, where program participants teach English to recent immigrants to Malta, Maltese History and Culture and additional classes taken at the University of Malta.

To learn more about the program, visit the Malta Semester website.

This morning we boarded a boat to cruise around Malta. Yes, the boat took us around the coast of the entire country! It was so cool to see my favorite places from the Mediterranean rather than from land!

The boat trip was something we all have been looking forward to as our time abroad comes to an end. Luckily, the weather cooperated so we could enjoy the blue sky and 75 degree weather. We sat up on the top deck for the entirity of the cruise and marveled at how blue the sea around Malta really is.

When the boat left the ferry docks in Sliema, I gazed at my city. The view from the Sliema Ferry area is one of my favorites on the island. From there I could see skyscrappers peeking out from St. Julian's Bay, landmarks in Valletta, and the top of Fort Manoel. There is just so much to see in Malta!

The boat took off from Sliema and headed through the harbor and out into the open sea. First, we passed by Senglea then to the southern coast of the island. Marsaxlokk, one of my favorite places in Malta, was the next city we saw! Near Marsaxlokk is a huge shipping area that seems like a city itself. When planes land in Malta they fly right over the cargo ships traveling to and from the Southern coast.

Our cruise rounded the tip of Malta and traveled along the Dingli Cliffs on the West coast. We passed by the Blue Grotto, a giant sea-side cave, and saw a few of my favorite bays! Both Golden Bay and Anchor Bay are in Melliha, the Northern part of Malta. The ship captain played the Popeye theme song as we cruised past Popeye Village in Anchor Bay, which is where the Robin Williams Popeye moview was filmed.

Finally we reached our destination, The Blue Lagoon on Camino Island. This was my fourth time making the trek to the stunning swimming spot. I swear the water is more blue each time I return! In some areas around The Blue Lagoon you can see down 20 meters, according to the ship captain. After spending so much time in the Mississippi and Upper Iowa River, it's nice to be able to swim in the crystal clear water!

Today was the perfect day for relaxation, sightseeing, and a lot of laughs with our group! I enjoyed having the opportunity to take in the Maltese coast and appreciate the Mediterranean even more. I truly can't think of a better way to end such an incredible semester in this beautiful country!

The Maltese flag on our boat
The Blue Lagoon- yes, the water is that blue!
Group selfie!