A Day in Dubrovnik

Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean Program, currently in its 26th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Malta's rich history and traveling to other countries in the Mediterranean region. Coursework includes Paideia II: Ethical Issues in the Mediterranean, a Service Learning class, where program participants teach English to recent immigrants to Malta, Maltese History and Culture and additional classes taken at the University of Malta.

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On Sunday morning our group took the public bus from our stunning seaview apartments to the old city. Dubrovnik is a unique seaside-fortified city with massive walls bordering the coast. Game of Thrones fans know Dubrovnik as "King's Landing," but the city is so much more!

A local guide met us outside the main gate for our morning tour. Like Alma, our guide in Mostar, this guide also lived through the recent war. He showed us around different parts of the city and explained the medieval history. He even mentioned that, when they were filming Game of Thrones, he had coffee with "that one Queen" but admitted that he still has never watched the series!

After the tour we all went our separate ways. I took a ferry to Lokrum Island, a nature reserve near the old city. On Lokrum Island we walked through a 15th-century monastary and swam in a lake they call "The Dead Sea" due to the high salt content. We concluded that the water didn't really seem that different from the Mediterranean.

Lokrum Island is home to wild peacocks and rabbits that roam around. I guess it is mating season because the males were strutting around and showing off their calls to the female peacocks!

By far the coolest place on Lokrum Island was a fort located on the highest point overlooking the sea. I could see for miles from the top! It was interesting to see the Old City from the outside and not from within the fortified walls.

Our day concluded with dinner in a garden restaraunt and with eating pistacchio ice cream! As we were taking our evening stroll through the city, we stumbled upon the Miss Dubrovnik competition. Although we didn't understand one word that was said, it was still really fun to watch!

The weekend in Croatia was unlike any trip taken with our group. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Although it's bittersweet that our group trips have concluded, I think everyone is excited to spend our last month abroad back home in Malta.

Street views in Dubrovnik
We got attacked by a flock of pigeons
Gracie and Dubrovnik
Peacock on the Island
Kayakers in the Bay
Views on our way to Lokrum Island