Making Malta Home

Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean Program, currently in its 26th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Malta's rich history and traveling to other countries in the Mediterranean region. Coursework includes Paideia II: Ethical Issues in the Mediterranean, a Service Learning class, where program participants teach English to recent immigrants to Malta, Maltese History and Culture and additional classes taken at the University of Malta.

To learn more about the program, visit the Malta Semester website.

One month ago, I rolled my carry-on through the Chicago airport unsure of what the adventure ahead would hold.

One month ago, I said goodbye to my family, my hometown, and American culture.

One month ago, I landed in Malta and was greeted by the sights and smells of this stunning Mediterranean country.

Although this semester just began, I feel like I've lived here for so long. Each day I become more familiar with my surroundings. I was even asked for directions yesterday by a group of tourists! The things that once were so foreign have now become part of my daily routine. I've found a few of my absolute favorite places on the island and am a regular at a coffee shop down the street from our flat.

It's crazy that it only took one month for Malta to feel like home. I've become so accustomed to being surrounded by palm trees just blocks away from the sea. I'm no longer surprised to hear Maltese or any other languages spoken when wandering around. I've memorized how to get to the grocery store and shopping area.

As the weather continually warms up I find myself so eager to take a dip in the sea! The locals are still wearing their winter coats and are stunned to see me in sandals. I absolutely love that everyone spends so much time wandering around outside. Most of the restaurants rely on outdoor seating with gorgeous views of the sea. The weather forcast for the coming week says sunny and 65 degrees! Although I love traveling off the island to explore other places in Europe, I'm excited to spend the next few weeks in my new home.

One month from now we will be halfway done with our time here. Hopefully by then I'll finally be used to cars driving on the left side of the road, that 1 and 2 euros are in coin form, and I'll maybe even learn the walking route to the University!

Hiking at Dingli Cliffs
At The Point with Valletta in the background
By the sea in Valletta