Carnival Celebrations

Luther’s Malta and the Mediterranean Program, currently in its 26th year, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester exploring Malta's rich history and traveling to other countries in the Mediterranean region. Coursework includes Paideia II: Ethical Issues in the Mediterranean, a Service Learning class, where program participants teach English to recent immigrants to Malta, Maltese History and Culture and additional classes taken at the University of Malta.

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It's Carnival weekend!

Carnival is the celebration leading up to Lent. In Malta, Carnival is celebrated in nearly every city with the biggest events happening in Valletta and on Gozo. We made the trip to Gozo for Saturday night fun in Nadur. After taking two buses and a ferry to get there, we wandered around the streets of Nadur. Everyone was wearing a mask or costume and some groups even had matching attire. We were bummed that we hadn't thought of throwing together a fun group costume at the last second!

A crowd gathered in front of the massive church overlooking the city square. The Carnival celebration in Nadur is considered a "spontaneous Carnival", meaning that the celebration was supposed to just pop out of nowhere. Everyone still seemed to show up at the right time! By 8:00 p.m. a DJ started blasting music. It was so strange to hear modern pop music filling the historical streets of Nadur.

This morning, we went to Valletta for the Carnival parade. Due to the weather, the parade was postponed until late afternoon. Nevertheless, the streets of Valletta were packed with costumed dancers and spectators gazing at their intricate attire. We soon realized that the streets were not going to be blocked off for the parade like they are in America. The dancers and floats made their way slowly through the streets as countless people crowded around.

It was chaotic and overwhelming, but so exciting to experience Carnival in Malta!

Elsa Leyhe snapped with costumed dancer
Valletta Dancers