Italy: Earth and Environment

The Earth & Environment in Italy program introduces learners to the many ways in which Earth systems interact by plunging students headfirst into the field, which in this case is the mountain ranges, rivers, seas and soils of Italy and Croatia. The program is based at the Osservatorio Geologico di Coldigioco (OGC), a small village in the rural Italian Apennines. To learn more about the program, visit the Italy: Earth and Environment website.

Views from exploring the village of Campainana.


This week saw our first project away from Coldigioco, in Northern Tuscany.

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Another view of Florence from above, this time from the bell tower- featuring the Duomo!

Weekend Trip to Florence!

For our days off this week, our whole group traveled to Florence! For many of us, this was our first time seeing a big city in Italy. 

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A view from the tower in the Ducal Palace.

Field Trip to Urbino

Today, we visited the city of Urbino to learn more about art history and explore some amazing places. 

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