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For the over two-thirds of Luther students who study off campus during their four years here, the world will never look the same again. Off-campus study is a life-changing experience, resulting in broadened perspectives, unforgettable memories, and a more comprehensive and nuanced view of the world.

Several Luther students pursue in-depth and immersive study by participating in semester and year-long programs off campus. These blogs are meant to help friends, family, and future Norse experience life alongside our students around the globe.

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Hello from Malta!

After several hours of traveling, we have made it to Malta! Stepping off the plane into sixty degree weather was very satisfying. My heart skipped a beat when I saw all of the palm trees perched high in the air. We took a taxi from the airport to our flat (after barely escaping a few fender benders). It was alarming to wind through the narrow streets of Malta in a car driving on the left side of the road!

We all unpacked and explored the two flats that students will be living in. Both of the flats are set up the same with one on the first floor and the other on the third floor of the building. We even got a quick glimpse of the rooftop...and it was breathtaking. I am amazed at the architecture and colorful doorways that paint this city.

Before dinner we wandered around the neighborhood and walked along the Mediterranean. We are living just a few blocks away from the sea! I'm excited to explore more of the area tomorrow after our orientation at the University of Malta!

During our brief walking tour of Sliema (the city our flat is in), our mouths watered at the sight of a pizza and pasta restaurant overlooking the bay. After deciding that we just had to eat there, we were greeted by a friendly Maltese man. He brought us our menus and exclaimed "HELLO AMERICA!" We decided that we would definitly eat there again.

We decided that we all needed a small trip to the grocery store for breakfast foods and coffee, of course! Grocery shopping was a very different experience here than what we are used to. What seems like more of a convenience store, to us, was filled with exotic candies and treats that we admired so much. With eggs and milk in hand (because they didn't offer us bags), we took the calming sea-side walk back to our flat to rest easy from our travels.

Tomorrow we are walking to the university bright and early! Hopefully we'll all be able to catch up on sleep tonight and be ready to go for our first full day on the island.

Erin Hocker walking down a street in Sliema
Erin Halverson in front of a neighborhood doorway in Malta