A New Year in a New Town

For the over two-thirds of Luther students who study off campus during their four years here, the world will never look the same again. Off-campus study is a life-changing experience, resulting in broadened perspectives, unforgettable memories, and a more comprehensive and nuanced view of the world.

Several Luther students pursue in-depth and immersive study by participating in semester and year-long programs off campus. These blogs are meant to help friends, family, and future Norse experience life alongside our students around the globe.

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Hi there! Libby here!

I was fortunate enough to have my family to come over and visit me in London to ring in the new year. While they were here for only four days, we packed in as much as we could!

I went to Heathrow early on January 31 to pick up my family and help them get back to our hotel for the week. I took them out to their first pub, and it was a huge hit with them all! Everyone seemed to love the food and the British Pub culture! For their first evening here, we first walked through the Christmas Market on the River, where we all tried some mulled wine and tasty snacks. We watched a bit of the fireworks held in London and popped a bottle of Prosecco to toast in the new year! We stayed up pretty late catching up on all that has happened in the past couple months.

The next morning, I took them on the grand tour of London and its major points. We started out near Parliament and Big Ben and made our way over to the London Eye, which we took for a spin. We then went through St. James’ Park to go visit Buckingham Palace. After that, we headed back to Trafalgar Square to see the great fountains and find a new pub for dinner. After dinner we went over to Hyde Park to visit Winter Wonderland on its last night in London.

The next morning we were up early to catch a train to Nottingham so I could show them where I live. I took them on a tour around campus and showed them where my classes were. Afterwards, we went to an early lunch at the Cat Cafe. We walked around the city centre a bit more and then went to Ye Ole Trip to Jerusalem (the oldest pub in England). After a quick trip there we hopped on a train and headed back to London. We spent the next day in London as well, exploring places like Westminster Abbey, the Borough Market, Madame Tussauds, and Nandos.

On their final day here, we made a day trip to Paris, France. We took a bus tour around the city in order to better see all the sights that we wanted to see. We first saw the Louvre, then we stopped under the Arc de Triomphe, and then finally a trip up the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately it was a bit rainy and a storm was rolling in so we could not go all the way up the tower. But we did get to go about halfway up and see some pretty cool sights.

This morning we all had to get up pretty early to head back to Heathrow Airport and I wished them goodbye. It was hard to see them leave, but I was grateful to have even a little bit of time with them!

Now I am getting ready to head to Rome and Spain!

Signing off!


During our time in the Christmas Market
One of our views from the Eye.
Family by Buckingham Palace
The Eiffel Tower