York, Football, and Uni—Oh, My!

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It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Nottingham. We completed our second trip in the U.K., went to a proper football game, and had our first classes here at Uni!

We returned from a three day trip to York, England, where we had the chance to explore York Minster where many of us climbed 265 steps to the top of one of the towers. From the top, we had a great view of the whole city! We attended an evensong service where we were able to listen to the choir. One of items on the list was to visit a museum of our choosing. Some of us went to Jorvik: Viking Museum, and some of us went to the Yorkshire Museum. We all had a great time exploring the great city. We particularly enjoyed taking a ghost tour of the city where we learned more about York’s history.

On our way back from York, we made a pit stop at Fountains Abbey. Fountains Abbey was one of the largest Abbeys in the U.K., but it was torn down under the rule of Henry VIII. The ruins of this Abbey are massively impressive. We spent two hours roaming the grounds of the ruins and gardens surrounding the abbey, and that was hardly enough time to enjoy everything that this place had to offer. Many of us are itching to go back.

The week after we got back from York, we began registration at the University of Nottingham, which including enrolling in classes, registering with all services on campus, and getting to know our new campus a bit better. This Monday, we finally began UNott classes, and so far we are all enjoying our uni experience!

And last but definitely not least, we went to our first Nottingham Forest football game (soccer to the folks back home). The weather was a bit chilly, but that just made it all the more British. The best part of the match was that our team came back from a long losing streak to win against Sheffield! It was a close game with lots of excitement and lots of cheering! Football is a huge part of British culture, and attending the match helped us gain a better understanding of Nottingham. I know we all had a blast!

As our first week of classes are winding down, we are preparing to set off on our next house trip! We are off to London this Friday!

Stay Tuned.

Libby & Kelli

A bit of adventuring through the streets of York!
The Abbey that we visited during our trip to York
A view from the top of York Minster
A view from the Anne Boleyn seat at Fountains Abbey that gives you a great view of the Abbey
A view of the ruins at Fountains Abbey
A view from inside the ruins at Fountains Abbey!
There are 300 feet of cellarium at Fountains Abbey. They are mostly used for storage.
Our first football match! The Nottingham Forest team won the match against Sheffield.
Exploring campus on our first couple of days at Uni