When it rains it pours...

For the over two-thirds of Luther students who study off campus during their four years here, the world will never look the same again. Off-campus study is a life-changing experience, resulting in broadened perspectives, unforgettable memories, and a more comprehensive and nuanced view of the world.

Several Luther students pursue in-depth and immersive study by participating in semester and year-long programs off campus. These blogs are meant to help friends, family, and future Norse experience life alongside our students around the globe.

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Cheers from the Nottingham crew once again! This week has been one for the books. From laying in the sunshine to becoming soaked to the bone in a rain storm, we continue to make memories to last a lifetime! 

Clinicals this week were focused around a different patient population, with all of us visiting an area of the city different than the first week. Our focus was on pediatric patients versus the adult population. We observed Nottingham's Health Visitors (the public health nurses who visit children 0-5yrs in their homes) in a variety of the city's districts. While some situations proved exceptionally saddening, across the board we agreed: the public health nurses here have incredible compassion and heart for what they do each day. The US and UK education healthcare systems may be different, but one thing seems to remain the same—when it comes down to it, nurses strive to do the best they can to help each and every patient. In the last two weeks, we have gotten the opportunity to see this passion first-hand and will always remember it! We are all equally excited to see what this next week has in store as we explore urgent care and other public health specialties. 

Time to discuss the weekend. We started the weekend adventures in Bath, a quaint and beautiful town, located 3 hrs from Nottingham. We first explored the Roman Baths, where we got the chance to learn about the ancient Romans public bathing in natural and elaborate baths. Afterwards we were able to explore the mesmerizing city of Bath through touring several of the city's main attractions (Queens Square, Jane Austen Center, Royal Crescent, The Circus, Bath Abby and Pulteney Bridge) and shopping along the downtown streets. We can't forget the amazing cheese and chocolate we bought from The Fine Cheese Company and Le Piantagioni Del Caffe that quickly became our favorite eateries. Hot paninis, freshly sliced cheeses, and cakes and bars to die for made for full bellies and happy hearts. Even though it was raining most of the day, it was truly an unforgettable city and one we would all go to again in the future! 

On Saturday, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Thermae Bath Spa, where we were able to relax and rejuvinate from the past three busy weeks. Here we enjoyed an incredible rooftop pool surrounded by quite the city view. We then packed up and headed to Wiltshire (about another hour and a half) to see Stonehenge! Laughing and joking on the bus ride to the prehistoric stones, we had no clue what we were about to encounter. It monsooned. We had a mixture of rain jackets umbrellas, and a couple "Welcome to Stonehenge" pamphlets, none of which were able to withstand the downpour of rain and wind that met us moments after we got to Stonehenge. We didn't know what to do, so we just laughed! What else can you do when you become soaked through in seconds? A few of us stayed as the rain began to lighten up and others walked back to the visitor center. A few sweatshirt purchases and several clothing changes later, we left with a hilariously rainy memory of a captivating stone temple. 

Now that we are back to our flat, cozy and dry, we are thankful for another weekend of travel and are sad our Nottingham adventure is soon coming to a close. One week of clinical left and London soon to follow will wrap up our journey! We will be back to update you soon! Thanks for reading! 


Allison and Natalie 


The group enjoying the ancient Roman baths
The beautiful Pulteney Bridge in downtown Bath
This is the Bath Abbey, one of the top 3 attractions in the town of Bath.
A group selfie following a relaxing day of studying outside at Wollaton Hall
Capturing our visit to Stonehenge before the monsoon hit