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For the over two-thirds of Luther students who study off campus during their four years here, the world will never look the same again. Off-campus study is a life-changing experience, resulting in broadened perspectives, unforgettable memories, and a more comprehensive and nuanced view of the world.

Several Luther students pursue in-depth and immersive study by participating in semester and year-long programs off campus. These blogs are meant to help friends, family, and future Norse experience life alongside our students around the globe.

Blog Highlights

Check out these highlighted posts about unforgettable adventures, lessons learned, and life-changing experiences!

Me in a little coffee shop!

Exploring A City By Train

Let me all tell you a story about a recent trip I took to Sleaford, United Kingdom. This trip was part of one of our house courses to make us more of “independent travelers.” We purchased our own tickets, found our own way to the train stations, and created our own itenaries in a strange place.

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A view of Regensburg

The Bavarian Land

Our last group trip to Munich was amazing. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed a few of the sights. As a group we went to the National Socialism Document Center, the Olympia Center, the Residenz, the Deutches Museum, and lastly the zoo. We also split into two groups for one day as some students wanted to go to Regensburg and others wanted to go see the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle. As the end of the school year approaches, a lot of us are happy to be in Münster to study and enjoy time with our host families.

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Elsa with Valletta in the background

Tourist vs. Traveler

In Morocco we were asked by our guide, "Are you a tourist or a traveler?" After over two months of living in the Mediterranean and traveling throughout Europe and Africa, I decided to reflect on the type of mindset I've been trying to train myself to have while studying abroad.

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On top of the Acropolis in Athens

Unfamiliarity in Greece

Wyatt took a solo trip to Greece a few weekends ago! Read more about his adventure navigating a new country, language and culture.

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Erin Hocker in front of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Florence Has A Pisa My Heart

This weekend, Luther College students ventured off the island to Italy, Germany, and Greece! We all bundled up and had a blast during a fun weekend away.

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Some of the group dressed up before Karneval!!!

Follow the "Red" Brick Road

The start of the semester here in Münster has been full of learning experiences. We are definitely being immersed in the German culture and the overall way of life here!

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Erin Halverson in front of a neighborhood doorway in Malta

AirMalta™ to Land Malta

Seven out of nine Luther students have arrived and begun their adventures in Malta and the Mediterranean. Later this weekend, the other two will join us. So far, here's how our first day has gone.

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