Notes from LIS Council - 12/18/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia shared updates from the Software Development team meeting. There was discussion of planning and preparation meetings for a new room scheduling system based on Google calendars being developed that will replace Ad Astra. Marcia also shared progress and near-in plans on the SQL Migration project. Summer seems to be the most likely next window for cutover. On the document imaging project, a file prioritization has been done and the Education Department back files are ready to be picked-up by Ricoh for scanning. The thought is they will be picked up when Development’s LEK 2 files are returned in January. Meetings continue with Education on a regular basis to work on implementation of the workflow. Concern was raised about adoption of the new workflow and potential backlog within Development.
    • Library
      • Ryan shared that 10 academic department/program conversations with library liaisons have been completed, 10 more are planned for the spring, and the team will follow-up on the rest to discuss scheduling.  The conversations are going well. For spring Paideia, session objectives have been reviewed and changes (e.g. LibGuides) coming from collaboration with Martin are being finalized. We discussed how the new model allows more flexibility on timing and topic for each section and the possibility there may be multiple engagements by librarians for some sections.
  • New Items
    • LIS General January 8
      • We discussed a number of topics to consider for the upcoming January 8th LIS General including an update on the “Beyond the Bubble” program, an update on student and color printing and a presentation and demo of the new facilities scheduling program.
    • Data Storage
      • Diane brought up the topic of data storage based on some input received suggesting we consider a different level of service.  A meeting is being scheduled  to discuss our current policy situation, the inputs received and how we might want to proceed to do an analysis that could lead to a response to the question.
    • Meeting with Development
      • We discussed inputs collected from the team for potential Development focus in the interim time prior to a new college level strategic plan.  We have a rich list of possibilities that we will discuss Friday, 1/20 with Keith, Jeanie and Nate Ersig.
    • Library Light Switching
      • Diane shared that the library exterior lights and restroom lights are now on switches.
  • Returning Items
    • Tape Library Repairs
      • Adam provided an update on repairing the tape library. Several attempts by several technicians have been made to replace the robot. On 1/18 a whole new tape library was delivered from the factory. The factory technician has requested the rack be further leveled.
    • Network Sentry Upgrade
      • Adam is planning an upgrade to Network Sentry (aka Campus Manager) beginning at 7:00 a.m. Friday, 1/20.  During what we anticipate will be approximately a 1 hour outage, devices not already running over the wireless network will not be able to connect wirelessly.  New devices not previously registered will not be able to register. The wired connections will continue to work. The Technology Help Desk will be on-hand early to provide voice support for anyone impacted.
    • Towers Wireless Solution Proposal
      • Adam shared that he is investigated Passive Optical networking as a possibility for bringing wireless in towers into the rooms. The thought is share the conduit that carries the TV cable. The challenge would be to find an affordable device that is appropriate for rooms that can practically be powered.
    • Student Printing
      • Diane shared an update on the ongoing work to provide affordable and more sustainable student/lab printing services. She outlined a number of proposals including color printing and print quota management changes. There have been a number of discussions held with stakeholders including those representing Residence Life, Student Activities, Student Organizations, Student Senate, and 50+ students.
    • Digital Media Center
      • Much progress has being made and a punch list has been produced. We anticipate being able to open the Multimedia Lab and the Multimedia Studio sometime in J-Term.

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