Print from Public Access Computers

Detailed Printing Instructions

Notice your OPAC number (#) on the top of the screen
Basic Screen

Open the file you want to print and then go File > Print
File Print

A menu box will appear.  Make any adjustments (usually not many) and click "Print."
Printer Menu<

Go to the printer and tap the touch screen to activate it
This Printer

The home screen will open; tap "Printer."
Printer Main

Tap the "Print jobs" tab to display the files
Switch Tab

Find your OPAC number or Luther ID and tap it.

All the jobs from that source will appear. Tap to select the file you want to print.
Find Your File

The file will highlight and you will be ready to print. In the same manner select and delete any files you do not want to print.

A verification menu will appear. This is a good time to put money in the vending box. Then tap Print and Start
Are You Sure