Constitution Day

September 17, 1787, was the day on which the Constitution of the United States was signed by all of the Constitutional Convention delegates. Constitution Day became a holiday in 1997, and is celebrated on September 17 of each year. Prior to 1997, September 17 was known as Citizenship Day, in celebration of the signing of the Constitution.

We have several excellent resources in the library about the Constitution, including:

The Documentary history of the ratification of the Constitution (Main Stacks KF4502 .D63 )

Our documents : 100 milestone documents from the National Archives (Reference Collection E173 .U62 2003 )

The Debate on the Constitution : Federalist and antifederalist speeches, articles, and letters during the struggle over ratification (Main Stacks JK155 .D33 1993)

We have provided some links below to resources about Constitution Day and the U.S. Constitution:

The U.S. Constitution, courtesy of the National Archives

Interactive Constitution

View The Charters of Freedom from the National Archives

Constitution Day resources from the Annenberg Foundation Trust

-Compiled by Andi Beckendorf