Norse Reader's Guide--Fall 2016 Edition

The Norse Reader’s Guide

by Pharez Monney, ‘17

It’s no secret that the Luther College is a community of reading. We take pride in this and love to engage in conversations which change our perspectives based on what we’ve read and put our experiences in conversation with literature. This begins quite early. The summer before students start college the Paideia summer read enables first year students and the community to begin conversations about the selected work and  how it relates to various larger themes.

The Norse Reader's Guide is a reading list that spans the Luther community. This will be an initiative to have an extensive year round reading list, which will include suggested must-read books before you graduate as a Norse, as well as leisure reading from faculty, staff and students. This reflects ideas and topics the community is interested in, especially out of the classroom. We encourage students to go beyond what is familiar and explore vast world of literature.

For our Fall Edition, we reached out to faculty to recommend a book that they are reading outside their academic courses or research. The recommendations are found below:

Carly Foster suggests: My Beloved World by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Carly FosterMy Beloved World
(Not  Held in Preus Library- Request through
Interlibrary Loan!)

“I recommend My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. This is an autobiography of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, focusing on her life before she was a justice.I recommend it because the book gives readers the opportunity to get to know Sotomayor as a person. She writes about her family background, her childhood, her dad's struggles with alcohol, her experiences as a student, and her her own health challenges. The book is very well written, so even if you aren't as fascinated as by the Supreme Court as I am, it is still a compelling story.”

~ Dr. Carly Foster is Associate Professor of Political Science.

Justin Spring recommends: Waffle Street: The Confession and Rehabilitation of a Financier by James Adams

Justin SprungWaffles
(Not Held in Preus Library - Request through
Interlibrary Loan!)

“I recommend this book to the Luther Community because it is a great reminder that the most memorable and valuable life experiences often occur when (and where) you least expect them. Given my professional interests, I’m always a sucker for stories about work ethic. This book highlights the importance of finding meaning in the work that you do regardless of how menial the job may seem at the surface level.”

~ Dr Justin Sprung is Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Elaine Bossard recommends: Cod: A biography of the fish that changed the world.

Elaine BossardCod
(Held in
Preus Library)

“One of my interests outside my academic field is food. I enjoy every aspect of food, from production to consumption to cultural and economic implications, and this frequently guides my choice in reading material; however, I chose to read this book based purely on its title. On a whim, I picked up an unsuspecting book about an ugly fish and found myself immersed in a food industry that had more history, global influence, and even adventure than I had ever imagined. I recommend this book to the Luther Community because it brings to light the fascinating history of the cod-fishing industry and the vast social/cultural, economic, and environmental impacts it stills holds today, but also because it may ignite a new interest in the reader, as it did for me. Reading this book and coming to understand the multitude of ways food affects one's daily living ultimately inspired me to integrate my love for food into the classroom, most notably in my Paideia research unit.”

~ Dr. Elaine Bossard is Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology