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Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are materials for which we can anticipate unusually high demand. Usually these are materials that will be required for a class in which students will need short or repeated use. To facilitate the high demand, reserve materials are kept behind the circulation desk and organized by course. They may be checked out for a period of two hours, and they may not leave the library. To request reserve materials, ask for them by course or instructor name at the main desk. Reserve materials may include books, videos, DVDs, or articles; more or less any of the regular library resources. At the conclusion of the anticipated high demand or course usage period, reserve materials do return to regular circulation.

E-reserve Materials

E-reserve materials are readily made available on KATIE, the Luther College learning management system. In addition to articles, instructors can post sound recordings and videos, as well as links to full-text articles, websites, and eBooks on their KATIE class site.

To Create a Reserve

The library offers assistance in providing access to readings and other materials that support instruction through either physical or E-reserves. Instructors wishing to place materials on reserve may: