Vending Machines

Four vending machines are available on the lower floor of the library. The snack machine and coffee machine are stocked and serviced by D&R Vending (1-800-788-9692); and a Pepsi machine (ID #108704) and a juice/energy drink/iced coffee machine (ID # 500396) are stocked and serviced by Pepsi Repair (1-877-606-4311).

Call the appropriate number (and provide the proper machine ID #) if a problem with a machine is reported.

If someone claims to have lost money in a machine, direct them to call the appropriate number to request reimbursement. Or, they can leave their information with us and we will report it to the vendor. Have them enter their name, Luther ID number, email address, time and date, specific machine, and amount of money lost on the form inside the orange binder under the cash tray. Leave the binder on the Public Services Coordinator’s desk so the entry will be noticed and action will be taken.