Time Clock (Hours, Time Cards)

  • Clock in when you arrive for a shift and then again when you leave
  • If you forget to clock in or clock out, DO NOT clock in or out again if you catch the error. Rather leave a note with the correct clock in and out times on it and leave both the note and your time card on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk. The supervisor can re-set the time clock to provide accurate entries IF a later time has not already been entered on the card. If you have clocked in or out again, the supervisor will make a written correction on the card. Be sure and enter the correct information on your Web-time entry form.
  • If the clock beeps and rejects your card, press the “CL” button and try again; if it still beeps, you may have a defective card. Press the “CL” button again to clear the clock for the next person. Write in your in and out time for your shift and leave a note for the Circulation Supervisor about the situation and he will provide you a new card and enter the shift information for you.
  • Read entry for "Web-time Entry" for an explanation for when and how to transfer data from the time card to the online entry form found on norsehub.luther.edu.