Service Outages

When ITS becomes aware of a disruption in service, ITS team leaders are responsible for communicating this outage to the Luther Community in a clear and concise manner as follows:

  • ITS Blog, Website, & Digital Sign – An entry will be posted on the ITS Blog with a descriptive title. The Blog Tag “Alert” will be added to permit the title of the posting to display on the top center of all web pages in a yellow box. The Blog Tag “Digital Sign” will be added to permit the entry to be displayed on the Digital Sign located on the main floor of Preus Library. The Body of the posting will include details regarding the outage, the implication(s) of the outage to the Luther Community, and an estimation of service availability (when possible).
  • Campus-wide Digital Signs – If the service outage affects a significant portion of the campus, ITS will post a crawling message on the bottom of all of the digital signs on campus that begins with the phrase “ITS Alert: ”. Digital signs are located in Preus Library, Valders, Union Lobby, Cafeteria, Career Center, and the Regents Center Lobby.
  • Technology Help Desk – The ITS Technology Help Desk will be contacted so they are aware of the outage and can respond to calls appropriately.

Changes in the status of the service will be relayed by updating the title of the ITS Blog and adjusting the Body of the posting as appropriate. The text of the ITS Alert crawl on the digital signs will also be adjusted and the Technology Help Desk will be informed of the current status.

Once the service has been fully restored, the posting on the ITS Blog will be deleted. If information regarding the service is to remain on the ITS website, then a new ITS Blog post should be created explaining what transpired.