• At this time, the Circulation Supervisor will handle placing items on reserve. When an instructor or their assistant brings items to the Circulation Desk to be placed on reserve, be sure to note down the instructor’s name and the course number (for example, Peter Scholl, English 231) before they leave. Sign the note yourself so the supervisor will know who to get back to if there are any questions. Place the items on a cart and set it inside the Circulation Supervisor's office
  • To view existing reserve listings, click on “Course Reserves” in the second column of the library’s web-site.
  • Shelve reserves by professor’s last name. When shelving new materials, you may need to shift existing reserves to other shelves and insert/remove dividers.
  • By default, reserves are a 2-hour, in-library-use-only checkout to students. $.25/hour fines apply for overdue materials.
  • If a professor wishes to make certain materials available for a longer checkout or for checkout overnight, refer them to the Circulation Supervisor or leave the Circulation Supervisor a note detailing the request and the supervisor will insert/create the appropriate shelving location in the materials’ records.
  • Search current Course Reserves at