• To renew items, scan the patron’s ID or look them up by number or name, check the box next to the items to be renewed, then click on “Renew” at the bottom of the list.  If the renewal limit for a specific item has been reached, you may override (that is, renew it again) by clicking on “Acknowledge” in the popup window.
  • To alter the due date of an item that is overdue, you must first renew it, then check in the item’s box again and then on “Change Due Date.”
  • In general, faculty and staff may renew items up to three times. Students may renew items once. Community patrons may renew items once. Hourly items, such as keys, cameras, flash drives, etc. have a zero renewal limit, which means you have to override (that is, renew it again) by clicking on “Acknowledge” in the popup window.
  • Patrons may renew items online by signing into “My Library Account” IF they have not exceeded the renewal limit. This effectively means they can NOT renew cameras and other hourly items themselves, not even once.
  • If someone calls to request a renewal, perform the renewal while you have them on the phone so that if there is any issue (such as someone else has recalled the item, or they have exceeded their renewal limit), you can alert them that the item was not renewed.
  • Once students have hit their renewal limit for books from the main stacks (one renewal permitted), they MUST bring their books in to physically renew them.
  • Community patrons may renew books one time, in person or over the phone. They do not need to bring the books to the counter. Community patrons are limited to 10 checkout items at a time.