New Books

  • Books with New Book stickers on them are shelved in the New Books area located just in front of the circulation desk.
  • Locate the barcode on New Books by lifting the jacket off. Replace the jacket once you have scanned the barcode.
  • When a cart of new books are brought out to the circulation desk from the back room after processing, follow this procedure:
    1. Check to make sure what is written on the call number label on the spine matches what is written on the back of the title page inside the book. If there appears to be an error, either take it to the cataloger (Rene' Donlan in the back room) if she is available or leave the book on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk with a note (sign the note);
    2. Pull the books that do NOT have New Book stickers on them and place them where they belong on the pre-shelving shelves;
    3. Place the books that DO have New Book stickers on them in call number order on the cart, then shelve them in the New Books area.