Multimedia Lab, Studio, Control Room and Basement Storage

Keys to the Multimedia Lab, Studio, Control Room, and Storage Room are on the keyboard behind the Circulation Desk. Read the last bullet point to learn about cameras checked out from the Storage Room.

  • The key to the One-Button Video Studio (Room 103) is in a blue box in the drawer left of the book return (bike key drawer). Patrons may check out the room for one hour at a time. We do NOT hold their ID. Also check out one of the pre-formatted USB drives in the blue box. They are a two hour checkout. Patrons should download their video from the USB drive to either their own computer or one in the Multimedia Lab immediately after using the room, delete their video from the USB, and return it to the circulation desk.
  • The key to the Multimedia Studio (Room 100) and Lab (Room 100A) is attached to a labeled paddle on the bottom row of the keyboard. Multimedia student workers and Communication Studies faculty can check this key out as needed when working or teaching. Others must make reservations.
    • Specifically, students and faculty can now reserve the Multimedia Center Studio (Room 100) for filming purposes. Such requests need to made at the Multimedia Center walk-up, by submitting a work order through ITS Self-Service (there is an icon on every lab machine or they can go to, or by emailing [email protected] All requests will be reviewed by the Multimedia managers before being approved. No approved reservation = no use allowed.
    • How do we fit in? We have the key to Room 100 (and 100A, same key) on a paddle on the bottom row of our keyboard. When there are no staff in the multimedia center available to unlock the studio, patrons with reservations will come to the circulation desk to check out the key. We will not hold their IDs, but we will check to make sure they have an approved reservation before checking the key out to them.
      ow do we know if they have an approved reservation? There is now a notebook next to the Hovde schedule notebook on the Hold Shelf. It reads "Multimedia Studio Reservations" on the spine. Inside will be work order printouts of any approved reservations with the person's name and the specific time and date they have reserved the studio. If you find one matching the person requesting the key at the time they are asking for it, you may check out the key. If you can not find one, you will need to turn down their request to check out the key and ask them to email [email protected].
      When is it most likely we will be checking out this key? There is staff coverage in the multimedia center until 9 p.m. most weeknights and from 1-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Eddy comes in at 8 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, so key requests can be passed directly to him after 8 on those nights. 
  • The key to the Multimedia Control and Storage Rooms is on a separate labeled key paddle. This key should only be checked out to Multimedia student workers and returned immediately after they open the area they need to gain access to. Upon its return, check it in and place it immediately back on its proper (labeled) hook on the keyboard. (Note: faculty members who are teaching in the Studio may also check out the Control Room key upon request.)

    Retrieving cameras: The Communication Studies department has six bulky cameras (with accessories) stored in the Multimedia Center storage closet inside the studio on the lower floor. The students in Thomas Johnson's Communication Studies courses will be signing up to pick up cameras at specific times throughout the semester when the Multimedia Center is staffed. However, there are times when the Center will be staffed but the staff are not available (perhaps running an event elsewhere on campus, or simply not in the lab). The circulation desk will be serving as the backup to provide access to the cameras when needed. If someone comes to the circulation desk and says they have reserved a Communication Studies camera but there is no one in Multimedia to help them retrieve it, then we will do the following:

    1. Retrieve the Multimedia Center Control Room key from the keyboard (has orange tape on it);

    2. Accompany the person down the elevator to the lower floor (floor 1);

    3. Go into the lab (which is always unlocked), open the control room door with the key, unlock the door to the studio with the key, and open the door to the storage closet with the key;

    4. Allow the student to retrieve the camera and accessories they need (they know what to grab);

    5. Reverse your steps, turning off lights and relocking the doors you unlocked.

    Do not give the key to the student. We are the ones opening and unlocking doors.

    There is no checkout of the camera or items (even though you may notice old barcodes on some of them). We are only providing access to the closet for them to retrieve what they need.

  • The key to the Multimedia Basement Cage is on a separate labeled key paddle (an elevator key is included on the paddle). This key should only be checked out to Multimedia student workers and returned immediately after they open the area they need to gain access to. Upon its return, check it in and place it immediately back on its proper (labeled) hook on the keyboard.