Kill-A-Watt Monitor

Two Kill-A-Watt monitors are available for checkout from the library circulation desk thanks to the Sustainability Office. They are located on the top shelf of the table with the camera batteries. There is a barcode on the monitors themselves inside the boxes. They are a two-week checkout and available to everyone – faculty, staff, students, and community patrons.

These meters measure how much electricity a piece of equipment uses. Plug the monitor into a 3-prong outlet, plug your equipment into the monitor, push a button and voilà! see how much electricity the equipment is drawing. Wait awhile, push another button and see how much electricity was used over that period of time. With this information and the accompanying instructions you can:

– determine the cost of running a piece of equipment

– compare different pieces of equipment

– determine how much energy a piece of equipment uses when not in active use

– determine what portion of overall electric use a piece of equipment represents

– determine an appliance’s most efficient setting