Microfilm Readers

  • Three microfilm/microfiche readers are located in the rear right corner of the main floor of the library. The one to the far right prints to itself. The one in the middle prints to the attached printer. (Both of these accept only dimes for printing. Patrons can obtain change from the circulation desk cash drawer.) The reader to the left, which includes a computer and an attached scanner, prints to the copier closest to the DVD shelves.
  • Paper for filling the trays for the older two machines can be obtained from behind the Tech Help Desk.
  • The two older readers print only what lies within the black frame on their screens. There is a wheel for enlarging and reducing and another wheel for focusing located above the glass magnifying area.
  • Inform the Circulation Supervisor if any machine seems to be malfunctioning or toner is needed in one of the printing mechanisms.