Medical Emergency Reported - Response Procedures

1. Call Security immediately at x2111 and ask them to respond to the library. The number is on the pink sheet taped down on the table next to all the staff phone numbers. If the situation appears to be or is reported to be dire (such as a cardiac arrest, stroke, obvious seizures, or major blood loss), immediately call 9-911 as well.

2. If no one takes command of the situation (by providing knowledgeable care or CPR, etc. as appropriate), then seek someone out who can while you wait for Security to arrive. All three of the Help Desk managers have CPR training, for example. You might also consider making an announcement over the public address system, such as “If anyone in the building knows CPR, please come to ……” “If anyone in the building has any emergency response training, please come to….”

3. Remember that we have a first aid kit (large bandages, for example, if there is major bleeding) and an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) under the counter next to the pillar at the reserve desk. If either of these items would be helpful in the situation, offer them to the person(s) assisting the victim or take them to the site yourself. You do not have to know anything to use the AED, which you would only consider using if it appears the person’s heart has stopped. The device tells you what to do by voice command once you activate it. It will not dispense a shock if it determines the person does not need one.

4. If no one else is available to stay with the victim until help arrives, then it would most likely be proper to stay with them even if you are unable to provide any meaningful assistance.