• Storage lockers are located in the NE corner on each floor (next to the individual study rooms).
  • To use the lockers, patrons must insert a quarter into the key mechanism to lock and release the key. The key is then brought to the circulation desk and hung on the locker key board. When the patron wishes to retrieve items from the locker, they ask for the key at the circulation desk. When they insert the key back into the locker, the receive their quarter back. So, in the end, there is no charge for using the locker.
  • If there is only one key on the locker Key Board for a particular locker number, do NOT hand this key to the patron. Rather take the key yourself and accompany them to the locker and open it for them. If someone is using a locker, there MUST be two keys on the Key Board. If there is only one, either they never turned in the first key or they have asked for the wrong locker key number.
  • Any library books stored in the lockers MUST be checked out.
  • Reference books, bound periodicals, magazines, any other items that cannot be checked out may NOT be stored in the lockers.