ID Doesn’t Register (New Patron with ID)

  • If you scan an ID and receive the message "Patron Barcode ######## was not recognized, try searching for the patron by last name. Community patrons in particular may already be in the system but not have their ID number added yet.
  • If you can not locate the patron's account by scanning the ID or searching by last name, then write down both their name and ID number and give to the Circulation Supervisor to investigate.
  • If they wish to check out an item, make sure they are a Luther student or faculty member (new community patrons CAN NOT check anything out until they have been approved by the Circulation), then use the manual entry circulation log in the drawer to list the following information: Patron Name, Patron ID, Item Title, Item Call Number, and Item Barcode (the Circulation Supervisor needs all five of these pieces of information to manually enter the transaction). Leave the circulation log on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk so the supervisor knows to enter the information.