• DVDs and VHS videotapes are a 3-day checkout to students (limited to six checkouts at a time) and a 2-week checkout to faculty/staff. Dependents and community patrons may NOT check them out. However, they may view them in a media room in the library. A VHS player is available in Group Study Room 111.
  • Do NOT de-sensitize VHS videotapes using our regular sensitizing machines; rather use the magnetic bars resting on the circulation desk. One is for de-sensitizing, the other for re-sensitizing. When de-sensitizing, actually let go of the video and push it along the bar so you do not accidentally hold it at a slight angle as you slide it. The video may not be de-sensitized if it is held at an angle. Place the side with the white label against the bar.
  • Some DVDs have their original cases out on the public shelves and the disks in clear (or plain black) cases behind the circulation desk. When a patron brings one of these to the desk, swap it out with its partner, and set the original case on its side in the same spot. Check out the case you actually give to the patron, NOT the one they hand you. No need to de-sensitize anything.
  • Other DVDs are shelved with the disks in their original cases inside security boxes. When a patron brings one of these to the desk, use the magnetic unlocking device affixed to the top of the laptop cabinet to release the security tab on the box, remove the DVD case, check to make the appropriate disk(s) are inside, then check the box out. No need to de-sensitize anything. Place the empty security box on the top shelf next to the laptop cabinet.
  • When a DVD is returned, look inside the case to make sure the appropriate disk(s) are there before checking the case in. If it is a clear (or plain black) case, swap it out with the original case and put the original case on the appropriate shelf in the pre-shelving area. If the DVD is returned in its original case, after checking to make sure the disk is indeed inside and THEN checking it in, grab an empty security box, insert the case inside, and place it on the appropriate shelf in the pre-shelving area.
  • If a DVD case is returned WITHOUT the disk and the patron has already left the desk, leave the case on the Circulation Supervisor’s desk with a note. Do NOT check it in if you caught the error in time. Leaving it checked out allows the supervisor to see not only who the DVD is currently checked out to (that is, who just returned it), but also who it was checked out to previously.