Community Patrons - Registration Expired

When you try to check out a book on a community patron’s account and you receive the popup message “The patron account has expired”, do the following:
1. Click “OK” in the little window;
2. Click on “Profile” in the upper right next to "Checkout" on the patron's account;
3. Click on "Edit" on the right side of the page. Confirm that all their contact information is accurate (address, telephone, and email); if anything needs to be changed/updated, edit the box with the changes;
4. In the "Personal Information" area at the top of the profile page, change the "Expiration Date" to one year from today, for example, on 09-01-2017, type 09-01-2018;
5. Scroll down and click “Save" (on the left);
6. Now scan the material again to check it out.

If the community patron owes money or has overdue items, they must clear these matters up before they will be allowed to check anything more out, whether their account has been updated or not. Refer them to the Circulation Desk Supervisor if they have concerns about this.

If all else fails but, in your judgment, it seems appropriate to allow the patron to check out the book(s) they have brought to the desk, use the manual circulation log inside the cash drawer to record their name and ID number and each book’s barcode and call number. If there is any contact information to update, note that as well. Then place the log on the circulation supervisor’s desk.