Color Printing

Students, faculty, and staff can print in color by logging into one of the Windows (not Mac) machines in the library computer lab on the main floor and selecting the "Library 2nd Color Copier by DVDs - Requires cash" printer from the drop-down arrow (the default is the double-sided black-and-white printer). The print job does NOT go through PaperCut, but rather shows up immediately in the queue at the color copier (next to the New DVD Shelf). Cost is $0.25/page or side.

To print out the job, the patron needs to push the "Printer" button next to the touchscreen, then select "Print Jobs" and highlight their print job. Money needs to be deposited, and then the patron can touch "Print."

Although the OPACs (public terminals) and digital microfilm machine print to the same color copier, print jobs from these machines are only available in black-and-white. There is no option for printing in color from these devices. Black-and-white jobs are $0.10/page or side.